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2013: The Year of Quality over Quantity

19 Jan

I decided it was time to start posting again, if for no other reason then to keep myself accountable in my training this year. Last year was the year of quantity over quality in terms of my running. My goal was to run as many races as I could with no real goal in mind beyond finishing. 21 races later it’s 2013! I love racing, so it was a fun goal to achieve, but my goals have made a 180 switch this year. 2013 will be the year of quality over quantity. I have very few races in mind, and my goal is to focus on eating healthier and getting faster.

One of the things I love about distance running is that you don’t have to be fast, you just have to have the endurance to finish. Having that mindset for the past couple years has taken a toll on my running pace. I remember when I could run a 9 minute mile without huffing and puffing when I first started running. I remember running my 5k PR, and being shocked that I’d run a 5k in 27:30 because I didn’t feel like I pushed myself all that hard. I miss running fast, and I miss starting a race thinking I am fast enough to PR.

This year I’m planning to run fewer races, and focus my energy on training smart for those races I do run. This seems like an ironic goal to make after Goofy last weekend, but Disney is the exception to any of my goals. If I could run every Disney race, I would, and I’ll never do a race there with a time goal in mind. They are too much fun to simply run. You definitely have to stop along the way and enjoy all there is to see. That being said, I do want to PR in a 5k, 10k, and 1/2 this year. I don’t know that I even want to bother with another full this year. I’ve enjoyed the full’s I have done, but I know I don’t have the time to train for one properly. I won’t rule it out completely since the marathon bug has been known to bite at unexpected times, but as of right now my focus is on shorter distances.

So my training plan for race number 3 has been selected, and after another week of recovery from Goofy I think I’ll be ready to hit the ground running!