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North Face Endurance Challenge KC 2012!

4 Sep

Just over a year ago I went from 1/2 marathon runner to full marathon runner in super hot and sweaty fashion. After my hot 10 miler this morning, I don’t know how I even managed those 26.2 miles. I’m kind of wimp when it comes to running in the heat, but I love racing and hate taking the summer off. Last summer I forced myself to train and race through the hottest parts of the summer. This summer I ran my last race mid-June then took an over extended break. This morning was my first double digit run in a couple months, and I started getting the itch to run a marathon again. I’m already signed up for the Disney marathon in January, but part of me wants to run one in the fall. Right away I thought about the North Face Endurance Challenge marathon. Last year after the race, I mentioned that I would love to run the race again at another time of the year. I’m sure many of the other runners shared the same sentiment, and lucky for us, they listened. The race is November 17th this year!


The NFEC knows how to put on a top notch event. I’m really hoping this year there is a great turnout for this event because I’d hate to see it leave KC. The aid stations were well stocked with anything you might need. The volunteers were fabulous, and could practically read my mind when I’d hobble up to them at an aid station too tired to form a sentence. The race swag was the best ever. I even got to run in a marathon with Dean Karnazes and have him cheer me on along the course. My praises about the race weekend could literally fill a page, there ¬†were so many great things about this event.


I have a slight dilema with the race this year though…. I was reading my recap from last year and I mentioned that I wanted to run the 50k this year if the race was any month other than August. I’m typically a girl you can trust to keep her word, but having just started training again for fall races, the thought of running 31 miles in 2 1/2 months seems stupid and crazy. At the same time, I would LOVE to run an ultra, and if I’m going to subject my body to that kind of torture, I know I’ll be in good hands doing it at the NFEC in November. Another part of me wants to take revenge on the marathon course that kicked my butt last year. I knocked 20 minutes off my marathon time 7 weeks later, so I KNOW I can do better than my time last year. I’d love to show the course whose boss this year and hopefully get a marathon PR. I’m also working on running 25 1/2 marathon’s by my 25th birthday in April, so I could always check another 1/2 off the list and have a great time doing it too.


For anyone on the fence about this event, I would definitely recommend signing up. I was in your shoes last year when I signed up for the marathon. I was looking for information about the event, and all I could find was information about the trail runs, (which on a side note, I’d love to run one some day!) ¬†Check out my recap from the race last August if you still need some more convincing. Anyone that is looking for a great race to run after Kansas City in October, this race is perfect! You can do a few maintenance runs to keep up your fitness and run another great event at the NFEC in November. If you are looking for your first race to run, the intimate factor in this event is great! Last year I got great advice pre-race from Dean Karnazes on running my first marathon, and I loved that the size of the race provided for that kind of experience. I hope those experiences will still be the same this year!

Here’s the link to register, hopefully your choice of which race to run is easier than mine. You really can’t go wrong with any distance at this event, 5k-50k!