playing catch up

23 Apr

I just came to check out my upcoming races and realized it’s been way too long since I’ve updated. I’ve run 4 races since my last post… In my defense, I did start a RNR USA post awhile back that got deleted. Since I’ve been super busy, and don’t see that changing anytime soon, I’m going to do super brief recaps of the races I’ve done since my last post. Hopefully I can get back into remembering to post right after races so I don’t get so behind again, but I make no promises. My spring/racing schedule is rather crazy, and it’s just getting started!

Rock N’ Roll USA – March 17th

I signed up for this race last October at the RNR St. Louis expo for a steal. It was my first non-Disney race that I really had to travel to. Having my parents living right outside of DC for me to stay with made this race super affordable, all I paid was the race registration and airfare! Being an inaugural race for RNR, I wasn’t sure how smoothly things would go. There were only a couple kinks that I noticed that were more an annoyance than a problem. First, the volunteers in the corrals were letting everyone walk up into earlier corrals that they weren’t assigned. There was literally no one checking bibs, which I’m used to running at Disney, then the rope that was supposed to separate corrals was on the ground, not in the air.  I opted to stay in my assigned corral, but moved to the front in order to start without a crowd with people my pace. The other ‘kink’ probably wasn’t the races fault and is probably just typical of larger races. There were some seriously tight parts on the course where I literally had to stop and walk because it was so crowded. Some areas were unavoidable but it was annoying to be so crowded on roads that had another side closed to traffic and runners. If there are 2 extra lanes on the other side of the median closed to traffic, why do you not let runners over there to run? I was so on pace to at least meeting my PR for the first half of the race, but once it started getting too crowded to maintain my pace I knew I wouldn’t be able to make up lost time. I’m still thrilled with my time since I hadn’t trained at a fast pace, but it’s annoying to think I could have done better without the crowds. Tis the life of a middle of the pack runner I suppose…

Diva Dash 5k – March 24th

I ran this race last year the weekend after the princess 1/2, and it was absolutely freezing for the race. This year the weather was much nicer, and the number of participants probably quadrupled! Still a great race this year. I love getting to wear my Team Sparkle skirt for races, so this female only race seemed like a great chance to do so in KC. I’m not really into running 5k’s much anymore since I started longer distance running. I ended up only having 5k’s to choose from when I had to transfer my Rock the Parkway registration.

Ruckus KC – March 31



This was my first obstacle/ mud race of any kind, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I totally understand why you have to sign a waiver to run, some of the obstacles seemed more dangerous than hard. I think my bib lasted about 2 obstacles before I had to pick it up of the ground and repoke holes in it. The race was fun, but I did it solo and most others were with groups. I’m not sure I’ll do many more of these races in the future. For less than an hour of fun the price is too much for me. I understand it takes a long time to set up the course, which justifies the price, but it’s just not my favorite thing…

Garmin 1/2 Marathon – April 21

This should have been a great race for me. The weather was perfect, the course was fast, and I had a pace team to run with (love them!) Unfortunately mother nature had other ideas because of my brilliant hydration strategy. I was feeling great the first three miles pace wise, but had to take a quick stop at the porta potty by mile 3 and again two more times during the race. The porta potties were few and far between and I probably spent a good 25 minutes waiting in line total during the race! Sometimes I wish I was a male that doesn’t care about doing their business in public. By mile 9 I had to stop and finish the race walking because I was so uncomfortable. I hated that I wasn’t tired, and really wanted to run but couldn’t. The course was perfect! I definitely plan to come back next year and own this course!


It seems like I’ve been busy racing already this spring, but it’s about to get a lot busier! I have 4 1/2’s in the next 6 weeks (including 2 race expos for bondi band.) The weekends I’m not racing I’m either out of town, or running a 5k with my GOTR girls! I’ll be excited when summer gets here so I can have a little break, but I have my eye on a couple 1/2’s still that I haven’t signed up for, including a trail 1/2! I have 13 more 1/2’s to run in the next year if I’m going to make it to my 25 1/2’s by my 25th birthday, so I’m trying to take advantage of all the local running I can do!


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