My goals for 2012

9 Mar

I’m definitely a goal oriented person. When I set a goal, I have a definite thing I want to achieve, and I can create a plan to accomplish whatever goal I set out to do. I have goals in all the different aspects of my life, but surprisingly, my running goals are a lot less structured than any other goals I set for myself. I used to follow training plans when I was tackling a new distance for the first time, but now that I have so many races on my schedule, I’ve thrown training plans out the window and simply do what my body tells me it wants to do. I’m definitely a fan of listening to your body and not pushing yourself too hard if your body is telling you it needs a break. Sometimes though, you have to get uncomfortable to become better at something. With all that being said, here are my goals for 2012, and my plans to tackle these goals.

  • I will run 12 1/2 marathons in 2012.

I set this goal for myself right after the new year after realizing I was already registered to run 8 1/2 marathons in 2012.  I now have my 12 1/2’s plan laid out, but more are on the horizon. (Check out my upcoming races tab to see what races I am running this year!)


1/2 marathons #1,2 & 3 for 2012

  • I will run 25 1/2’s before my 25th birthday next April.

This isn’t a goal just for this year, but a big chunk of these races have to be run in 2012 if I’m going to make it. I just finished number 10 last week, and number 11 is next weekend. I run number 12 right after my birthday this year, so I’ll have to run 13 races in a year to meet this goal.

My 2:10 PR race from 2011

  • Run a 2:05 1/2 marathon.

I’m usually a runner that doesn’t care about speed, I focus more of getting in the miles. That being said, I just love to run a good PR. I feel like I’m on cloud 9 for days after the race, so it would be amazing to knock some time off my 1/2 PR. Last year I managed to knock 10 minutes off my 2010 PR. This year I’m going a little more conservative because I know it’ll take a lot of work to run a sub 2 hour 1/2. My current 1/2 PR is 2:10, so I feel comfortable trying for a 2:05. That’s about 20 seconds faster per mile than my current best time. I think I can do it, but I just have to figure out when. I haven’t trained for speed lately, so I don’t think DC will be a good race to do it at next weekend. During the spring/ early summer I have 7 races with no more than one weekend break between each one, so those races seem unlikely. My next option would be to try at the KC 1/2 marathon in October. Although the race is hilly, I would have plenty of time to train while increasing my speed before October. This goal is still a work in progress while I figure out a definite race aim for my PR.

There you have it, my new 2012 goals. I’m excited to have something to work towards, and goals to keep my motivated this year!



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