Princess 1/2 marathon Weekend 2012 – The expo

29 Feb

I arrived in Orlando on Friday afternoon, so the plan was to check into our hotel and head straight for the expo. I checked in and dropped my bags off in our room. I was pretty excited to see that we got a savanna view since I only booked a standard one. We’ve been on the sunset savanna before at AKL, and the animals typically don’t frequent this side of the resort, but there were animals out there a lot during this trip! I took a few pictures of the friends that were enjoying the sun before heading to catch the bus to the expo.

I know the expo can get busy and I think we lucked out last year not having to deal with the crowds. I wasn’t sure what to expect heading there around 3 on Friday, but I was hopeful it wouldn’t be too crowded when only one other person got on the bus to the expo with me.

It was a really short ride to the expo since AKL is on the same side of Disney that the Wide World of Sports complex is. It was especially nice being so close because I ended up going back to the expo 2 more times to return and pick up things I forgot/ didn’t get the first time.

First stop was a tent in the middle of a field to get bib numbers. There was a line to take pictures with Cinderella’s carriage before going in, but the line was super long. I usually don’t mind waiting, but I was antsy to get my stuff, so I bypassed the line and went straight into the tent. There were a couple princesses inside the tent posing for pictures, so I decided to get my bib and then get in line for those pictures.

Well once I got in the line (which wasn’t horribly long, but still a decent size,) I noticed that most people were having serious conversations with the princesses, and it wasn’t just a quick picture before moving on. I estimated the line being about 30-40 minutes long, so I figured I would just get my pictures with the princesses during the race. I left the tent and walked the red carpet to the expo to get my race shirt and check out the vendors.

Disney really has the best expos. I walked down to the official merchandise area to browse. I was thinking about one of the princess Jacket since I have one from last year that I love. I changed my mind after seeing the $65 price tag and realizing they were pretty similar to last year. I ended up just getting an ‘I did it’ shirt ($25) before moving on to the rest of the expo.

I’m kind of bummed with the fit of the shirt, I liked the style last year better. At least I got a shirt when I did because when I was back the next day the ‘I did it’ shirts were practically wiped out!

I walked around for probably 45 minutes – 1 hour looking and shopping. Here’s a rundown of everything I picked up with prices for those interested!

One more mile visor -$12

Sparkly bondibands! I also got a red one, but I took these pictures while unpacking and the red one was in the wash. I think these may be my new racing bands, so much fun! 3 for $20

One more mile car magnet $4. I was excited to find a 39.3 magnet since they were either sold out or didn’t have any official ones during marathon weekend when I was at the expo.



Raw Threads tech shirt – $37

I also got a 26.2 travel mug from Lift your Sole for $10, and some sports beans for the race.

After the expo I was pretty famished. I ate breakfast before heading to the airport around 7, and all I’d had to eat since then were some snacks on the airplane. I decided to grab a bite at the Mara and enjoy the warm weather by the pool that evening.

I might have gone back for seconds on Zebra domes later in the evening. I LOVE these things. I ate them like they were going out of style when we were at AKL for our wedding/ honeymoon. I had forgotten how amazing they are! I decided to jump in the pool after a bit, but it was freezing! I ended up in the hot tub in less than 5 minutes. I tend to be cold, so hot tubs are definitely more my speed. It was nice to relax, but I smelled something burning, and I happen to love the smell of burning wood. I went off to search for the source of the smell and found a fire pit near the pool where they were letting people roast marshmallows. Having never camped growing up, it was a first time experience, so I did the opposite of what all the little kids were doing. They all had charred black marshmallows, but I’m happy to report that mine was had a nice tan color to it and was wonderfully gooey in the middle.

While I was roasting marshmallows I remembered that some WISH people were meeting at the Grand Floridian that night, so I figured I would head over there since my SIL’s flight kept getting delayed. I made it to the Grand Floridian in record time after realizing that the plan was the meet 30 minutes earlier than I thought.

It was great to finally put some faces to names of people that I’ve been talking to about this race for the past year. After the meet I headed back to the hotel to unpack and animal watch. I was glad I didn’t have an early wake up call for the 5k the next morning!

Next up, Princess 1/2 marathon race recap!


One Response to “Princess 1/2 marathon Weekend 2012 – The expo”

  1. Julie (saysay) February 29, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Great recap! Can you post this pic on Dis with names? We didn’t make it.

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