Family Fiesta 5k: January 6, 2012

13 Feb

I finally got back on track with running this week after taking way to long to rest and recover from my 42.4 mile weekend last month at Disney.  I’m really excited to be cross training and lifting weights again too. Hopefully it’ll all help me get in better shape to run a 1/2 PR this fall!

Other exciting running news for me recently:

  • I’m signed up to run my first obstacle course race next month! After watching the Ruckus race last November, it seemed like something fun to do. I’m hoping it’s not too cold the day of the race because the course has TONS of mud!

  • I’m officially going back to Disney for marathon weekend 2013! Registration hasn’t opened for the weekend yet, but I’m thinking about just running the marathon this year. I’m so glad I have another runDisney weekend on my calendar. I was starting to get bummed about princess weekend coming up so soon. Now I can be excited for princess and not wonder when I’ll be back to run at disney again!

  • I sent in my paper work to be a girls on the run coach this season! I’ve been wanting to coach since finding out about the organization, but with school and work it’s never been an option with my schedule. Now that I’m done with school and have a more flexible schedule, I’m excited to hopefully get the chance to coach this season! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get hired to teach at a school with a GOTR program in the fall so I can continue to coach after I start teaching…

After going through my pictures from our Disney trip last month, I realized I don’t have a ton from the 5k. It was my second 5k at Disney, and although all Disney races are fun, there isn’t the same amount of excitement around the 5k that there is around the bigger races.  I wasn’t even going to run the 5k until I found out the theme was going to be themed after the 3 caballeros. I love the 3 caballeros! One of my favorite Disney guilty pleasure kiddy rides was remodeled in 2007 to be themed after them. I may or may not have to ride that ride at least twice every day we are at Epcot…

We got to Epcot around 4:45, and the race started at 6. One of the nice things about the 5k’s is that the buses drop you off almost next to the start. No long mile slow crawl to get to the starting corrals! Of course there was nothing exciting to do while we waited over an hour for the race to start. There was a DJ of course, but I wasn’t really enjoying the music that morning. I was tired, and knew that I was going to be up even early the next two mornings. I decided to jump in line for a picture with the 3 caballeros before the race. The line was HUGE, and by the time I got close to the front it was time to get into the starting corral and I missed getting a picture with them.

The start was kind of poorly organized. There were 2 separate starts, but they didn’t let people into the starting corral until about 10 minutes before 6. I don’t have any pictures of the beginning of the race because I had my camera all ready to video the starting fireworks, but they ended up saving those for the second start. I was also trying to cram my heat sheet into my spibelt right before the start so I would have it for the next day to keep warm before the 1/2. I totally underpacked on throw away clothes to keep warm with before the races, and was kicking myself the rest of the weekend over it. I had tons of room left in my suitcase, and we were flying southwest, so I could have even checked another bag. I only brought gloves and hot hands along with a heat sheet for 3 races. Seriously? What was I thinking?!

The first mile of the race is boring, and super crowded. You run the first mile in the parking lot, so at least there are spectators cheering you on.

I was surprised to get to mile 1 so fast. I was trying to take this race at a slow pace to save my legs for the weekend. Anything sub 10 min/mile is fast for me, I must have been anxious to get into Epcot. I looked for the 3 caballeros in Mexico, but unfortunately they weren’t there. I found Mulan and her prince in China though!  I look like a giant next to Disney characters. I think the princesses have to be 5’5″ ish to be cast in the role. Apparently the princes don’t have to be much taller…

I found Snow White, Dopey and her very happy Prince in Germany.

Jasmine, Aladdin, and Giant Abu were hanging out in Morocco.

Leaving Epcot through the international gateway at mile 2.

We headed back stage for a water stop and then came back into Epcot by the UK. We ran through the front of the World Showcase and  towards future world. I ran into these guys new the Fountain of Nations. Too bad the cast member that took this picture zoomed in too much. She even check the picture after taking it to see if it was okay… Luckily this was my only doozy character picture of the weekend.

We ran towards the front gates, then out of Epcot through the backstage area by spaceship earth. Unfortunately the gospel choir doesn’t show up for the finish of the 5k.

This race isn’t timed, but when I stopped my garmin a little after the finish it read right around 33 minutes. I was expecting a little bit slower time, but the character lines weren’t too bad so I didn’t have to spend much time in line. After the race I went to get my picture with the 3 caballeros, and there was literally no line. I was walking up while another group was taking there picture. I wish I would have known this before the race so I wouldn’t have wasted my time in line.

There you have it. I’m done with my marathon weekend recaps in time for Princess weekend. I can’t believe I leave next week for the princess 1/2! I’m super excited and hoping for a Disney PR. I’ll of course have to stop for all the pictures, but hopefully being in corral A will mean the lines will be much shorter. Wahoo!


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