Walt Disney World Marathon: January 8, 2012

4 Feb

This post is long overdue. I intended to get my disney recaps done quick so I didn’t get behind, but that didn’t happen. At least my non disney races don’t involve as many pictures, and are therefore a much shorter ordeal.

I have to admit that my running had been pretty bad lately, or should I say, my LACK of running has been bad. I’ve run one time since we got back from Disney, and that was in a race that I signed up for ages ago and almost didn’t go to. I did end up going, but my time was s l o w. I’m not sure if it was tired legs, lack of recent running, the hills (there were so many!) or the random chunk of the course that was on gravel roads which killed my feet. I’ve just had a hard time getting out the door, but I’m determined to change that and start working out more. I think I’m suffering from too much running and not enough other exercise. I finally joined the gym I used to go to again, so my excuse days are over. I hope…

On to my race recap and happy disney thoughts. Fun fact: I’ll be back at Disney in less than 3 weeks for the Princess 1/2! I’m so excited about this race, but a tad bit nervous because bib numbers are out and mine is a triple digit! Usually a triple digit means corral A, which translates to faster runners, which also translates to I need to get my rear in gear and fast!

This will be another photo recap since pictures are worth a thousand words and I have a TON of them!

I started in corral C for both the half and the full.

I love that Disney has the characters send us on our way. Too bad Donald didn’t get the memo that I was taking a picture…

I had some major wardrobe malfunctions my first mile. My skirt was riding up because of my spibelt that was too full and bouncing. When I tried to load up my pockets my running skirt under my sparkle skirt would fall down. It was not pretty. I will say that I invested in a fuel belt after recommendations from others, and it performed beautifully during my half a few weeks ago!

I loved that the full course took you through part of a park right away!

2 miles down… or should I say 15.1 miles down, 24.2 to go. I was feel pretty good, and my legs felt strong, but I was still nervous for later in the race.

Sorry for the blurry photo. Night time photos + running don’t mix will.

Mile three came quick, at least it seemed that way…

I forgot that I’d already had a picture with Duffy during the half. I was skipping pictures that I got during the half, or at least only repeating those that didn’t turn out well. This line was short, but too forever because someone decided to bring their autograph book along.  Really? I understand that seeing the characters is part of the fun, but save that stuff for later…


I was loving all these characters in mile three! Brer Fox and Brer Bear!

There were no characters during miles 4 and 5, but we did run back by the start line and all the spectators that were lined up to cheer at the start. I got a lot of shout outs on my skirt and outfit!

The three, not so little, pigs.

I skipped the one character stop along the stretch to the TTC since I’d already stopped there during the half. I was kind of getting into a groove, so I didn’t want to stop running and lose my pace.

There were lots of bands, and this was the only not horribly blurry picture I took.

Heading into MK!

I was excited to see the Mad Hatter with Alice today!

I had a picture with Rapunzel, but it seems to have gone MIA… It wasn’t the best picture since the person taking it stood about 20 feet away though.

This line was super long, so I made friends while I waited. We realized that the only people that seemed interested in stopping for pictures were the Goofy people. Almost everyone in line had on a Goofy bib.

I’m going to attempt princess Tiana for my princess outfit in a few weeks, I love her dress!

Jesse! I had a slight crises before this picture. I ran into the restroom and dropped my camera on the way out. I thought it was broken, but thankfully the lens just needed a little nudge to open up. I carried an old camera for this race just in case I dropped it, but I would have been sad to break it so early in the race!

LOVE this picture! It was a long line, but well worth the wait!

I made more friends in this line, although a lot of the friends I made in earlier lines were still around the same place I was…

The relay traded off  in the parking lot of MK so there were lots of fresh legs just starting here.


These guys were hilarious! Definitely a pick me up along a boring section of the course.

Wendy and Peter Pan!

Not so convincing Pocahontas. The lady taking the pictures was cracking me up. She kept wishing people luck by name, and people would be so confused as to how she knew and would look at her funny. After the person would run off she would yell after them that their name was on their bib. Okay, maybe not the funniest thing ever, but after running for 15 miles, it’s the little things that make me laugh…

Finally heading into Animal Kingdom!

Jiminy Cricket! So excited to see him!


I ran by Expedition Everest and had a lengthy internal conversation with myself about whether or not to stop. They were having runners go through the regular line, instead of the FP line, and the time said it was a 5 minute wait. I almost didn’t stop, but then I reminded myself that my time was already slow, I was here to have fun, and the sweepers were no where near me. There ended up being no wait, and the regular park people let us cut to get on sooner. The breeze was a nice way to cool down too!

I wish I would have stopped to take a picture of my ride photo as well. Maybe next year…

Less than 10 miles to go!

Love Safari Minie!

Safari Mickey!

Longest line EVER!

The LONG line of cars that couldn’t get far with the marathon going on. Everyone was super nice though, later when we were running by the cars going into Hollywood Studios people were honking and wishing us well.

I’d always heard that the miles after MK heading to AK were the worst, but I thought the stretch between AK and HS was the worst. It was really warm, and there were only DJ’s along this part of the course as entertainment. To add insult to injury my left calf got really tight and I felt like I’d pulled a muscle making it painful to run, but more painful to walk. I stopped at a medstation and slathered on some bio freeze which got me through the rest of the race.

Mrs. Incredible and Frozone!


Just over a 5k to go!

Streets of America. This is where I was walking in HS when I really decided 2 years ago that I wanted to run at Disney!


Getting so close!

Heading back into Epcot with one mile to go!

There was no wait for Sleeping Beauty. I think everyone was focused on finishing the race.

Almost there and with a sub 6 hour clock time. I was certain it would take me well over 6 hours to finish, so I was pretty excited to see this. My pace was actually slightly faster for the full than it was for the 1/2, go figure….

At the finish with Mickey and Minnie!

I thought for sure I’d cry at the finish, but I think I was feeling more relieved to be done and too tired to muster up the tears. Goofy really took a lot out of me and I was pretty sick that evening. I think I was dehydrated despite stopping to drink at all the water stops. I should have been drinking more on Saturday to recover from the 1/2 and prepare for the full. Lesson learned for my next back to back  races, which will not be Goofy. As much as I loved doing Dopey this year, I don’t think I’ll do it again. It took too much time out of our trip, and left me feeling wiped out. Next year I think I’ll stick with the full.

Back of the Goofy medal

A picture with the character I ran 39.3 miles for. My pirate nephew wanted in on the picture too.

There you have it. The WDW marathon in mostly pictures! Hopefully I’ll get around to my 5k recap soon, so I can come home from Princess and get to that report right away!


3 Responses to “Walt Disney World Marathon: January 8, 2012”

  1. Amy (from DisBoard) February 4, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    HEATHER! Holy cow – the fact that you rode a roller coaster while running a marathon makes this the coolest race report EVER! All these fabulous pics are one of the few thing that would make me even consider doing a full marathon. GREAT post! See ya at the Princess!

  2. Jennifer @Jenn on the Run February 6, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Hi, found you from the disboards! Love the recap and think it’s so funny you rode EE during the race. What an accomplishment to have done all those races that weekend!

  3. Rick February 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    After going through this post, I am even more motivated for being Dopey in 2013! But I am going to want to pick your brain for all the tips and suggestions for making it through! Great race report!

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