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Walt Disney World 1/2 marathon: January 7, 2012

17 Jan

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I’ll let the pictures I took during my Dopey marathon weekend tell about my races. These races definitely lived up to all my expectations. It was such a fun weekend of running!

I’ll kick off my race recaps with the 1/2 marathon:

Runners at the start of the race waiting to head to corrals

Trista and Ryan from the bachelor were there!

Time to run the 1/2!

1 mile down (I started about 10-11 minutes after the official start, so the time on the clock isn’t my actual time for one mile.)

2 miles in. Where are the characters?

Entering the parking lot to Magic Kingdom.

3 miles in and still no character pictures…

Finally in line for a character picture, and passing time taking pictures of other runners.

One of the duck tales characters (don’t ask me what his name is…)

4 miles down.

running under the water bridge near the contemporary. It was so packed in this area it was impossible to even attempt running at this point. I know they need to leave the road open to traffic, but having everyone run in one line is kind of ridiculous…

5 miles in, and heading to magic kingdom finally!

I see the castle!

running through tomorrowland.

Buzz walked out right as I was running through tomorrowland. I didn’t even have to wait for a picture with him!

I didn’t get so lucky with Alice and the Queen of Hearts, I had to wait a couple minutes and my picture turned out dark, boo!

6 miles down, almost 1/2 way done!

One of the country bears. Another no wait character, but this one was probably because people didn’t know who he is.

Someone started a line to take a picture with the train as you leave Magic Kingdom, too bad the conductor wasn’t the best photographer…

I waited way to long for another not so great picture, but it’s hard to say no to a picture with pirates!

After leaving Magic Kingdom. All my other pictures of the entertainment along this stretch came out really blurry.

Over half way there!

I love this picture! I’ve never met Mary Poppins before!

Another long line, but Minnie’s outfit is so cute!

8 miles down, 5.1 to go!

Chip and Dale!

The miles were flying by at this point, even if my pace was pokey…

Some nice inspiration on the ground.

I passed him after mile one because his line was long and I knew I’d be back around. I had a super short line and I even scored a monorail in this background of my picture as a bonus for waiting!

Only a 5k left!

I tried to move it up the hill, but I had to stop for a picture first…

Runners below the overpass.

Getting so close to the finish.

I’m assuming this guy is from a parade in one of the parks.

1.1 miles to go!

Duffy bear

running through Epcot

The ball means I’m almost to the finish!

The gospel choir is another sign that the finish is near.

13 miles down, .1 to go!

26.2 more miles and I earn Goofy’s face on a medal…