marathon recovery

11 Sep

I made it through my first week of running post marathon.  On Monday I had an awesome 7 miler. I didn’t run fast, but simply enjoyed being outside and not breaking a sweat within 5 seconds. The weather was beautiful! I did some cross training on Tuesday, took Wednesday off, and did 3 miles of speed work Thursday. Doing speed work was really not one of my better decisions. Honestly, I’m horrible about doing speed work, so I’m not really sure why I decided to do speed work this week. I was totally wiped out after I got done. I thought I was just tired from a long day, but I was still feeling fatigued on Saturday for my 5 mile run. 5 miles was really hard for me to finish, so I did some research and asked around about how long I should be taking to recover from 26.2. I’m so used to having a schedule that I follow no matter how my mood or body feels that it’s hard for me to really listen to what my body is saying about my marathon recovery. I can bounce back from a half within a couple days, so I assumed that within a couple weeks I’d be 100% again after running a full marathon. I think throwing the speed work in was a big mistake, and it showed during my 5 miler. This week I’m going to take it easy with some easy short runs and cross training. I’m supposed to run 10 miles on Saturday, but since I usually run two 5 mile out and backs on my 10 mile days I’ll have to play that run by ear and cut it short if I need to.

Some observations I made this week during my second week post marathon:

  • Cooler fall weather brings the outdoors man out in a lot of people! The park I usually head to when I want to run has been packed this week. The parking lot this summer would usually have 2-3 cars in it. Now there are cars parked along the curb!

  • There are some seriously rude bikers out on the trails that I don’t remember being there last fall. I wear headphones when I run, but I have the volume on low so I can still hear. I have had several bikers zip right by me so close that it’s scary! If you let me know that you’re passing me I move over to the grass or as close to the side of the trail that I can, especially if another runner is approaching from the opposite direction. Some of the bikers are going so fast and weaving through people that I’m surprised no one gets hurt…
  • I love fall weather, even one days when I’m exhausted I get excited about going for a short run just to enjoy the weather.

  • I had my first frozen yogurt experience and I can now understand why everyone loves it!

Mango and red velvet cake frozen yogurt with lots of yummy toppings!

  • Finally, I’m doubting my decision to run back to back marathons next month. After realizing this week that my body isn’t quite done recovering from my first marathon, and thinking about my weekends between now and KC marathon weekend, I don’t know that I’ll have time to get adequate long runs in. Next weekend is my last weekend at home until KC, and the times I’m out of town are busy. 2 weekends I’ll be working race expos, and the other weekend I’ll be on vacation, but there is really no where to run where I’m going… Luckily I wasn’t planning to switch my registration from the 1/2 to the full until I got to the expo, so it will probably be a day before the race decision.

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