Fall marathon training

4 Sep

After deliberating my future with marathon running, I’ve decided to make this fall the season of marathons and run both the localish big marathons. I am so proud of my accomplishment of completing a marathon, but can’t see myself having the time to dedicate to proper training once I graduate and start teaching full time. There are a couple destination marathons I want to run eventually, but I won’t run a marathon every year.   I was originally planning to run the 1/2 marathon during the KC marathon, and then full at RNR St. Louis the following weekend. Instead I’m going to run the full at both. I figured the extra 13.1 one miles won’t be horrible, and It’ll be a good way to train for Goofy in January. Plus, I’m already trained for a marathon, so over the next 6 weeks I just need to focus on keeping decent weekend mileage along with my usual midweek runs.

This past week was a recovery week for me. It was nice and hot out, and was the perfect time to rest. Looking at the 10 day forcast, I can’t wait to start marathon training again this week!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to head out for 4-5 miles. It’s been nice to take a break this week, but I really miss running. I can’t wait to enjoy the fall weather. Hopefully it sticks around!


One Response to “Fall marathon training”

  1. jamie September 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    just found you– great blog! — keep up the great work!! 🙂

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